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Using the Stuvi gunsight

Before the dive in your Ju-87D-5 (Ju-8glass you must set your dive airspeed (true) by buttons “Increase Sight Velocity” and “Decrease Sight Velocity” and bomb drop altitude by buttons “Increase Sight Altitude” and “Decrease Sight Altitude”. When the plane enters the dive you must place the crosshairs onto your target and keep it there. When the plane reaches the preset altitude the warning horn will sound. The pilot should drop the bombs at this point, after which point the plane will be automatically leveled off.

Dive Bombing Method in the Ju-88

These are the actual instructions from the historical Fl Üb 8-179/4 manual.
(Traditional method with "Dive Automation"winking smiley

1. Close radiator.
2. Set propeller pitch to 100% (Auto).
3. Set bombsight speed to estimated drop speed (can also adjust during dive).
4. Set bombsight altitude (for example 1000m).
5. Center trim (on Ju88 red marks).
6. Press Divebrake button (this will also trim plane to dive).
7. Set power to idle (0%).
8. Take aim with ring in top part of the sight. Also take note of the dive
bombing marker ("Krawatte"winking smiley below the ring on the vertical line.
9. Hold target in the ring until you hear the drop altitude warning buzzer.
10. Pull up so that the dive bombing marker becomes superimposed on the
target. Hold steady for a moment.
11. Press the bomb release button (this will also initiate the pull-out by centering
the trim again).
12. Press the divebrake button again to raise the brakes up.
13. Apply power slowly to avoid overspeeding the engines.
14. Open the radiator and adjust prop pitch for cruise, if necessary.

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